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Goodride RP28 155 80 R13 79S


A computer enhanced tread design for low noise and excellent water drainage. Silica technology for fuel savings and square shoulder design for better handling during cornering. Fitting and bal extra $25 per tyre

Goodride 195 R14C H188 106/104 Q 8PR Commercial Tyre


Pattern with high quality/performance and rigidity balanced safety to you Fitting and bal extra $25 per tyre

215 45 R17 91W Dayton DT30D


The Dayton DT30 offers great value and dependability in a passenger car tyre. Delivering good entry-level performance, it features a directional tread pattern for improved handling, traction and safety in wet conditions. Made by Bridgestone Good value performance Reduced irregular wear Directional tyre...Fitting and bal extra $25 per tyre.

Haida HD919 275 45 ZR 20 Performance Tyre Series


Action, nobility and passion, Luxurious comfortable ride and safety at high speed with the unidirectional tyre