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Haida HD919 235 40 R18 Performance Car Tyre Series

SKU:   HD919 235 40 R18

Action, nobility and passion, Luxurious comfortable ride and safety at high speed with the unidirectional tyre


  • Better performance on dry and wet roads with the V-shape pattern and the anti-skid compound. Maximum grip and road adhesion with the large blocks and ribs on shoulders.
  • Lower road noise level and tranquil ride with extra long tread grooves and fuzzy pattern. Strong rim-protecting ring to avoid impact for safe driving at high speed. 
Size Load Index speed Standard Rim Inflation Section  Inflation Overall Loading Capacity Inflation
/PR Width (mm)  Diameter (mm) (single/dual) (kg) Pressure
235140ZR18 91 8 1/2J 241 645 615 300
235/40ZR18 95 81/2J 241 645 690 300
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