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Haida HD717 195 R15C 8PR Commercial Type

SKU:   HD717 195 R15C

Pattern with high quality/performance and rigidity balanced safety to you


  • The extra-strong structure design ensures the excellent braking and steering capability, which adapts various complex road & weather conditions.
  • Design of extra-deep pattern grooves and outstanding tread compound improves the anti-abrasion capability, which effectively prolonged the service life of the tyre.
  • Excellent grip on dry and wet roads for safe ride with zigzagging pattern grooves, reasonably arranged fine patterns and robust pattern blocks.


Size Load Index speed Standard Rim Inflation Section  Inflation Overall Loading Capacity Inflation
  /PR     Width (mm)  Diameter (mm) (single/dual) (kg) Pressure
195/70R15C 8PR 6.) 201 655 900/850 450
195R15C 8PR 5 1/2J 196 693 950/900 450
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